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"Since 1857, The J&R Lamb Studios has been at the forefront of Stained Glass art and restoration, creating works for major religions, public entities and private facilities throughout the United States and the World.

Our success is rooted in our continued drive to produce and restore timeless works of art, along with a personal touch and lifetime guarantee to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied."

President and owner,
Donald Samick

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Modern Chapel Design

St. Joseph's Pre-School Chapel
Ramsey, NJ

church art

Lamb Studios designed, created and installed all of the artwork and stained glass windows ... more info

Stained Glass Designs

Movie Industry Ties
New York & Boston

stained glass windows

Lamb Studios has ties to the movie industry and recently had the opportunity to create ...more info

New Stained Glass

Canterbury School
Milford, CT

stained glass

While restoring stained glass windows is a major part of our business we still enjoy creating new ...more info

Outdoor Window Coverings

All Saints Episcopal
Philadelphia, PA

outdoor window coverings

When we are not restoring or creating beautiful new stained glass windows we are assisting ...more info

Stained Glass and Exterior Wood Frame Restoration

First Presbyterian Church
Caldwell, NJ

stained glass frames

Back in 2013, when we examined the exterior of the forty-four wood...more info

Tiffany-like Lamp Repair

A residential customer came to us with a damaged lamp cover ...more info

Restoration of Church Stained Glass

Sacred Heart Church
Suffern, NY

stained glass window repair

A man went on a rampage at the Sacred Heart Church early ...more info

Tiffany Stained Glass Windows Restoration

First Presbyterian Church
Goshen, NY

tiffany stained glass windows

The Presbyterian Church in Goshen, NY has several Tiffany ...more info

Stained Glass Restoration

First Presbyterian Church
Englewood, NJ

stained glass restoration

The historic First Presbyterian Church, built in 1870, suffered a ...more info

Lamb Studios Antique Stained Glass Windows

Christ Church
Short Hills, NJ

church stained glass windows

This J&R Lamb Studios window was created using opalescent glass ...more info

Historic Stained Glass Restoration & New Protective Coverings

Grace Church
Newark, NJ

victorian stained glass

The large Te Deum Window at Grace Church in Newark...more info

New Aluminum Frames

New Brunswick Theological Seminary
New Brunswick, NJ

stained glass window coverings

We recently completed a project at the New Brunswick Theological ...more info

Recent Conservation Project

Christ Episcopal Church,
Poughkeepsie, NY

stained glass window covering

We recently completed a very satisfying project conserving The Four ...more info

Recent New Stained Glass Art Project

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Englewood, NJ

stained glass window art

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood ...more info

Recent New Stained Glass Art Project

Temple Beth Abraham
Tarrytown, NY

stained glass window art

We enjoyed another successful collaboration with ...more info

Lamb Studios Stained Glass Window Restoration & Repair

Southport Congregational Church

religious stained glass

Hurricane Sandy did its damage to the Northeastern United States ...more info

Historic Stained Glass Restoration

Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

stained glass window repair

All the stained glass windows were removed from Dahlgren ...more info

New Protective Window Coverings

Marshallton United Methodist Church
West Chester, PA

stained glass window coverings

The existing protective coverings for the three large windows ...more info

Stained Glass Church Window Repair

First Baptist Church
Asbury Park, NJ

stained glass window repair

Hurricane Sandy brought much destruction to the New Jersey ...more info

Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

Tiffany Windows added to Passages
Bible Exhibit

tiffany stained glass windows

We recently completed a project for The Green Collection...more info